Summer time in Australia means one thing: ROAD TRIPS!

On my 6 hour and 25 minute (not including stopping time) drive from Melbourne to the University of Canberra last week I had the option of either buying food at petrol fill-up stops (consisting of McDonalds, KFC or Coolabah Tree Café) OR I could come prepared and pack some healthy snacks to get me through the day.

Being a nutrition and dietetics student it isn’t hard to guess which option I chose…

Below are some healthy road trip snack ideas which can help keep your tummy fuelled so that all you need to worry about on your trip is fuelling your petrol tank and enjoying the company!


Raw almonds are high in vitamin E, low in sugar and Glycaemic Index, gluten free, and contain protein, good fats and a whole handful of other nutrients. But as Australian Almonds suggest; a healthy handful is all you need!

If you’re one to go overboard with the almonds, be sure to get an Australian Almonds snack tin to ensure you are having the right amount for a snack (about 30g).


Homemade veggie chips – It IS possible to go on a road trip and still eat your veggies.

Being prepared and making your own vegetable chips to snack on is a great idea. The little preparation involved is well worth the crispy chips you enjoy on the road. I enjoyed some sweet potato, parsnip and beetroot chips.

veggie chips

Keen to make your own veggie chips? Stay tuned as I’ll be posting my baked veggie chips recipe soon!


Pack a banana for a natural sweet treat! A banana is not a messy fruit and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It contains carbohydrates, vitamin B6 and C, folate, potassium and fibre. Check out Australian Bananas for more info!



If you are at the tail-end of your road trip and completely out of snacks (and petrol), opt for a Big M at the service station. Big M’s use reduced-fat milk and are high in calcium and protein.

Research suggests that skim milk leads to more feelings of satiety and less food intake at the following mealtime than if you were to have a fruit drink. For me it was a great snack to keep me fuelled until the ACT border.

For more on Big M’s check out this great article by Catherine Saxelby about the 250mL Big M


Make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water and always have a bottle in the car!


Stop over at signs and landmarks to stretch your legs and update your instagram!

Canberra sign

What are some of your favourite snacks on the road? Comment below!

– Jenna



  1. Snap peas cause they give me that crunch, I also love me some juicy necterines or peaches. Can’t wait for the veggie chip recipie, sounds delish!

  2. Hi Jenna, love the blog! Looking forward to exploring it further.

    I like to add pumkin and sunflower kernels to my healthy road trip snacks. Great source of health fats and go well with nuts and some dried fruit to make a trail mix.

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