PRODUCT REVIEW: Walden Farms low calorie chocolate flavoured dip.

Want to indulge in a little chocolate this Easter but worried about the calories that come with the Crème Eggs, Lindt bunnies or fondue?

You may want to consider Walden Farms low fat, low carb and low calorie CHOCOLATE FLAVOURED DIP.

Whether it is having the chocolate dip as a spread on toast with some low-fat ricotta cheese, or dipping fresh strawberries in to the dip as a fondue, this product lets you enjoy your chocolate craving without feeling too guilty!

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With only 20 kilojoules (less than 5 calories!) per 1.5 tablespoon serve, this dip can thank the sweetener Splenda for its low energy sweetness.

While this product does not necessarily contain many benefits nutritionally, you can take comfort in the fact that it is very low in overall fat – considering it is a chocolate product!


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Nutella contains nearly 33 times the amount of calories than the low calorie chocolate dip!

Nutella also contains 54 times the amount of sugar and 23 times the amount of overall fat.

On the plus side, Nutella does contain 7.3g of protein per 100g compared to the chocolate dip’s measly “less than 1g”. But if someone were to consume 100g of nutella – then I am guessing that the amount of protein they are ingesting is the least of their concern!


Unfortunately Nutella wins out on taste due to its thick, creamy texture and its nutty, chocolate taste.

Personally, I can taste the false sweetness in the dip – it kind of lingers there. However when you dip strawberries in it, it does kind of mask that lingering taste and you do get to enjoy the chocolate flavour.


If you plan on dipping a whole punnet of strawberries in to something chocolaty for dessert this Easter, go for the low calorie chocolate dip.

But if you plan on just dipping 3 or 4 strawberries in to some chocolate goodness – go for the real stuff, savour the taste and learn to stop at a responsible amount!

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Easter!

– Jenna


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