Post-workout protein snacks

I recently had a request from a reader asking what a good post-workout high protein snack is and why.

So I thought to compare a typical low carb protein shake with a couple of my favourite post-workout, protein rich snacks.

lo carb vanilla protein

Take a look below at the results…
protein table

While I consume all of these products regularly as an afternoon snack or a post-workout snack, you can see by comparing the protein shake to the fat free tub of plain Chobani that a good old fashioned tub of yoghurt is just as beneficial nutrient wise than a protein shake.

Other great options are flavoured low fat yoghurts (such as the apple and cinnamon flavoured Chobani) and skim milk with Sustagen Dutch Chocolate. These are great if you are also craving something a little sweet.

Then there are also poached or soft-boiled eggs which are super yummy and contain a good amount of protein as well.

So to answer the reader’s question, I’d spice it up a bit by choosing something different all the time to get a variety of food types in to your diet (the same food all the time can be boring).

But if that is a cop-out answer and you want only one answer:
While the low carb protein shake has the highest protein, I’d go for a tub of real food and enjoy some thick plain fat free yoghurt!

Disclaimer: Some bias may have occurred in formulating an answer to this question.
… I type this as I consume a tub of Fat Free Plain Chobani so take from this post what you will 😉

chobani with frozen berries

– Jenna


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