Spring in the nation’s capital

Spring has definitely sprung here in Canberra as the sun is out most days and I’m finding myself walking Lake Ginninderra as late as 5 or 6pm!

As soon as it hit September 1st, I came up with a list of eateries I wanted to taste-test and outdoor activities I wanted to try.

Here are the completed ones so far…

1. Dine at Maple + Clove
Just south-east of the city centre lies the sophisticated area of Barton where the wholefood café Maple + Clove is located.
Brunch on a weekday is very quiet with working folk only really going there for coffee runs, but on weekends it is swarming with customers and gets really busy!

When I went the first time enjoyed a green smoothie (green apple, kiwi fruit, banana, cucumber, celery, mint, lime, spinach + ginger) and spelt flour ricotta pancakes with seared pear, vanilla yoghurt and agave syrup. My friend had the choc almond smoothie (almond butter, banana, dates, almond milk, cinnamon + cocoa) and the corn fritters (made with quinoa). It was a lovely brunch spent out in the sunshine and the food was great.
maple clove

The second time I went was on a weekend – the apple and cinnamon porridge was good, although nothing I couldn’t make in my own kitchen. I also had the choc almond smoothie all to myself this time, was so yum!

I definitely recommend checking out the products they have for sale there as well – great cookbooks and wholefood products, as well as their in-house granola.

maple clove 2

2. Drive out to the south coast
While this recent trip out to the south coast of NSW was purely for study purposes (my nutrition research project), I did enjoy the roadtrip consisting of good tunes with a fellow student.

We stopped over at Braidwood for a bakery and lolly shop-stop. This town’s got character!
braidwood car

lolly shop

The next stop was in Batemans Bay for fish and chips by the water…
batemans bay

Then the following day after all the hard research work was done, we did some whale watching…
wale watching
Can’t wait to head back to the coast ASAP.

3. Yogurtland
The self-serve frozen yoghurt bar has opened up at Westfield Belconnen directly opposite my gym… Don’t quite know how I feel about this!

Frozen yoghurt bars are becoming increasingly popular in Australia as they follow America’s trend. But many health gurus are questioning the nutrient quality of these frozen yoghurt places, with added sugar for flavour and very small amounts of calcium being present in the yoghurts. Nutritionally, they are compared to a bowl of ice cream! Read more here.

Nonetheless I have tried out Yogurtland and taste-wise, I approve!

4. Walk up Mount Taylor
Enjoy the views on a clear, sunny day at the top of Mount Taylor. It took me an hour and a half to walk from the car-park to the top of Mt Taylor, but that’s only because we stopped so many times along the way to get photos with the kangaroos or the beautiful mountains…

Not much more to say about this outdoor adventure… the view explains it all.
view mt taylor

18 days in to Spring and I’ve done pretty well so far checking out some great eating places and exercise activities. Now to do the rest of the activities on my list!

What activities are you looking forward to doing now that the weather is warming up?

– Jenna


3 thoughts on “Spring in the nation’s capital

  1. Everyone from Canberra loves a trip to The Bay, but my advice, drive a little further and visit the Far South Coast. Places like Merimbula, Pambula (my hometown) and Eden are soooo much nicer than Bateman’s Bay! 🙂

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