Raspberry and chia jam recipe

Last week I reviewed Chia Pods, a new chia seed pudding on the market.

While I found the consistency of the puddings to be very odd, I did come to realise that chia seeds can be used in a range of foods and drinks to give them that gluggy consistency.

So this weekend I spent my Sunday afternoon experimenting with the expensive “super food” and ended up making a super nice and super healthy jam recipe.


raspberry and chia jam

Preparation time: 0 minutes
Cooking time: 7 minutes
Makes: 1 large jar of jam

250g frozen raspberries (or any berries you like)
1/4 cup tap water
1.5 tablespoons chia seeds

1. Place frozen raspberries and water in a pot on the stovetop, on high heat.
2. Every minute or so stir the mixture on the heat vigorously, mashing up the raspberries with a spoon as you stir (this will become easier the hotter the mixture gets).
3. Once the mixture starts to bubble up and comes to the boil, bring heat down to low heat.
4. Continue stirring and mashing mixture for another 3 minutes on low heat.
5. Remove pot from the heat and mix in chia seeds.

chia jam in progress

6. Keep stirring every few minutes until the mixture has cooled down to room temperature.
7. Place jam mixture into a jar and store in the fridge.
8. Enjoy!

– Jenna


2 thoughts on “Raspberry and chia jam recipe

  1. I’ve tried something like this with strawberries only there was no cooking involved and I found it a little bland. I can see that the cooking would intensify the flavour. I’ll have to try it this way. Thanks!

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