The Tea Salon, Sydney

I love my tea. You don’t have to know me too well to know this.

On my recent trip to Sydney I had some time to explore. While in the past the main Sydney exploration that had me awestruck was the Sydney Harbour National Park, this time I was awestruck by a cute little sophisticated tea house…



Located on level 4 of Westfield Sydney, it’s hard to miss the ginormous chandelier and cute white fence in the middle of the shopping centre.



I ordered the spiced cinnamon and raisin scone while my friend got the dark chocolate chip scone. They came with a side of cream and jam and were to die for.


Although I have to admit I was eyeing the zucchini and haloumi fritters on the table next to us the whole time too.
While I didn’t check out their high-tea, I plan on doing so next time I get the chance to visit there as those around us were enjoying their high tea and glass of bubbly.

Talkin’ tea?

They offer a range of teas, mainly black tea blends and some herbal blends too. The Queen Mary with a bit of milk on the side perfectly complimented my cinnamon scone.

While their tea range is great, it’s no 52 page tea menu like the Adore Tea teahouse at Gold Creek in the ACT.


Overall, The Tea Salon is a must-do if you are visiting the city of Sydney and you love your tea, scones or just feel like being a bit of a princess.

– Jenna



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