The NEW Special K

Kellogg’s Special K has re-vamped itself and now contains 3 super grains for a jam-packed breakfast full of wholegrain, fibre and protein!

special k


NEW Special K now contains wholegrain oat flour to accompany the rice and wheat cereal base.

Special K NIP

The stand out nutrient in the new recipe Special K would have to be the fibre – now containing 6.5g per 100g (that’s 9% of your daily fibre needs, per serve). The new cereal is now much lower in sodium too.
Still 99% fat free. Still super high in protein. And now it seems the addition of wholegrain oat flour adds some extra fibre to keep you regular and [hopefully] fuller for longer!

Special K, new or old, tastes pretty much the same. And in my opinion Special K with milk is a little boring of a breakfast to me… so I add fresh fruit for more flavour and sweetness!

special k with banana

Or even better, make a breakfast parfait in a tall glass layered with Special K, fresh fruit, low fat yoghurt and cinnamon!

However you enjoy it, from a nutrition point of view this new recipe Special K gets an A+…
special k with strawberries

What do you think of the new recipe Special K?

– Jenna


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