A wrap up of this week in nutrition and dietetics!

What a busy week with lots of events going on in the nutrition field! Here are a few of them:

1. On Wednesday I attended a Motivational Interviewing workshop in Canberra from international psychology experts. I found the workshop particularly useful as a health professional because while my degree teaches me the nutrition and dietetics knowledge I need in order to practice as a dietitian, without the ability to motivate clients or patients in making healthier changes to their lifestyle, my knowledge cannot be put to good use. I learnt a lot in this workshop and look forward to putting it all into practice soon!


2. As of yesterday, it is Coeliac Awareness Week. Coeliac Disease is an autoimmune disease where sufferers experience digestive symptoms after eating a protein called gluten. Don’t know what gluten is? Read my recent blog post which explains gluten and the gluten free diet.
If you’re after a healthy recipe that is also gluten free, Weight Watchers have compiled a list of 6 nutritious gluten free recipes to try. Check them out here.

pumpkin salad

3. This week also happens to be World Salt Awareness Week! Emma Stirling from The Scoop on Nutrition mentions a few innovative approaches to limiting salt intake.
And with Nutrition Australia and other health organisations tweeting salt facts and healthy ways to decrease salt consumption, I feel it has really helped make me more aware of the amount of salt we consume around the world!

salt awareness week tweets

4. Lastly, today is Dietitian’s Day!
Dietitian’s Day is all about taking some time to congratulate dietitians on the hard work they contribute to society, which can include health promotion in a community setting or even helping an unwell patient in hospital. There are a wide range of fields a dietitian can work in and today is all about acknowledging their work across all fields!
Read more about Dietitian’s Day and increase your awareness of a dietitian over at Sarah Leung’s Healthy Energy blog

Happy Dietitian’s Day to all those hard working dietitians and dietitians-to-be!

Have a great weekend everyone,

– Jenna