Dietitians Association of Australia 31st National Conference

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Dietitians Association of Australia 31st National Conference in Brisbane.

The theme for this year was ‘The Future Is Now’ and I felt it was particularly fitting on a personal level as in just one short month my future aspirations of becoming a dietitian will finally become real.

While I dove in and attended a range of sessions and workshops in varied areas of dietetics, there were a few stand out topics and research findings that I felt I should bring back to you all…

The aged population need our help

As discussed by Maree Ferguson in the Dietitians Toolbox wokshop, aged care is an emerging area of dietetics and something that will only continue to grow in the future.

As I became well aware after the National Conference last year, malnutrition is a very common issue in not just the sick or hospitalised, but also in the elderly.

After last years conference I decided to look into this area a little more and completed my research project with the University of Canberra looking at malnutrition rates in aged care residents. I presented my findings in poster-form at this years conference…

photo poster

Too many Australians not seeking professional advice for grain intolerances

Dietitian Michelle Broom presented findings about Australians and intolerances to grains such as wheat.

Complete findings of the survey will be made available to the public in October, however the major findings were quite alarming:

– Too many Australians are self-diagnosing having a grain intolerance.
– Often those who feel they are intolerant to a grain are not seeking professional advice or guidance and are just self-managing.

Dietitians are a social bunch

So it turns out that those dietitians who are active users of social media (blogging, twitter, instagram etc) also know how to socialise in real time!


The workshop Blogging Bootcamp hosted by Emma Stirling, Jemma O’Hanlon, Heidi Apples and Teri Lichtenstein was very entertaining and a lot of fun. But most of all, it gave us newbie bloggers a great insight into how to blog and why to blog. Check out their new blogging e-book here!

I had a great time meeting some fantastic professionals in the dietetics industry. It was great to put a voice and personality to each default picture/professional head shot I see on Twitter!

So there it is.. the Dietitians Association of Australia conference for another year.
Thank you to DAA for the opportunity to present my research findings as a poster. And to the University of Canberra for their assistance with my project and poster.

Lastly, thank you to all of the dietitians who presented or had a chat with me at the conference. You all taught me so much and are oh-so-inspiring!


– Jenna


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