Welcoming Winter with hot muffins

Well Winter is officially upon us and the weather is freezing!

This past week I got back into cheerleading training and will be looking to compete for the Australian competition season.
While my body is screaming at me and I am becoming aware of muscles in my body I never thought existed, I am very excited to be back!

After training yesterday morning I went back home to bake muffins with my mum.

We made banana and oat muffins… with a secret ingredient to pop into the middle of the muffin…
photo (72)

By having a look at the picture above, it’s not hard to guess what the secret ingredient was.

The warm Nutella centre was amazing.
photo (73)

Yes, I am fully aware that Nutella aint the healthiest ingredient in the world. But after 3 hours of training in a freezing cold gym, piping hot muffins and a Sunday arvo bake-sesh was exactly what I needed.

Plus, I used wholegrain rolled oats!

What is your favourite winter warmer dish or cold-weather comfort snack?

– Jenna


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