Brunch at Carolina, Brunswick East

I’ve been going to Carolina for a good feed for quite a while now…




Carolina 1


Carolina 2

Carolina 3

But just recently they have changed their menu to offer some fab winter options.

Aside from the food being amazing and prices being reasonable, the service is also great – really friendly staff.

Upon walking in and being seated you always get a menu, a coffee offering and a bottle of water on your table with either slices of fresh lemon or cucumber in it (I’m a fan of the cucumber water!)

The only downfall to this place is that on weekends the wait for your meal can be a little lengthy. But as long as you are happy sipping on some coffee and tea, and doing something fun while you wait, it’s not so bad.

Carolina 4

New menu options:

Carolina 6Absolutely amazing gingerbread French Toast

Carolina 7A little too much tomato-factor for my liking, but apparently the baked eggs are pretty good.

Carolina 5
My favourite – the rice porridge with rhubarb and other bits of greatness.

I’m sure these photos have won you over.. If not, I can’t recommend Carolina in Brunswick East enough!

– Jenna

Carolina on Urbanspoon


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