Raising awareness during Bowel Cancer Awareness month

The month of June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

Unfortunately this past week has been a very difficult one for my family as we lost a family member to this horrible disease. So I felt it necessary to do my bit; raise awareness of bowel cancer and spread the word on the importance of early detection.



Bowel Cancer Australia encourage you to join the Bowel Movement as it could save a life…

  • TALK
    Talk with family and friends about signs, symptoms and testing.

  • TEST
    Everyone over the age of 50 years is highly encouraged to take a bowel cancer screening test.

  • TELL
    So that everyone becomes aware, it’s important to share your family’s medical history with your close relatives.

Also, why not have a read of blog post ‘7 habits for a healthy gut this Bowel Cancer Awareness month’ over at Scoop Nutrition.

For more info on Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and what you can do to raise awareness of the importance of early detection, head over to BowelCancerAwarenessMonth.org

– Jenna


4 thoughts on “Raising awareness during Bowel Cancer Awareness month

  1. Oh Jenna I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Thanks for linking into our post. Such an important issue.

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