It’s official… I’m a dietitian!

The time has finally come when I can stop referring to myself as a student dietitian, or dietitian-to-be, and classify myself as an actual dietitian.


I was sure to celebrate this weekend with amazing food and fun times.

While my diet this weekend was not reflective of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating at all (as far as I am concerned they recommend a flawlessly healthy diet MOST of the time), some slack must be cut as each day I ensured I ate some foods from all of the five food groups.

Friday lunchtime I celebrated my final day of being a student with some dietitians I have been completing my internship with this past month.

Fordham's Milkbar, Camberwell

Fordham’s Milkbar, Camberwell

On Friday afternoon final forms were completed and I walked out of my internship a dietitian.

It was a fantastic feeling to no longer be a student but be classified as a new graduate health professional and I don’t even feel the slightest amount of guilt over the fact that I used my concession Myki card to get back home.

Friday night (my first meal as a dietitian) was a spicy vegetarian laksa and an ice cold coconut water from the always amazing Laksa King.

Laksa King, Kensington

Laksa King, Kensington

Saturday was a cold and windy morning in Melbourne but it felt very liberating to be outside walking in the crisp air with not a worry in the world.

Saturday brunch was at Touchwood. This was my first visit to Touchwood and I am already looking forward to going back! The banana and blueberry wholemeal waffle was fab!

Touchwood, Richmond

Touchwood, Richmond

Saturday evening was spent back at home with my family (and a FaceTime conversation with my brother who is traveling in Europe).

We enjoyed antipasto, stir-fries and fried rice in the warmth of my family home. And my mum spoiled me with strawberry cheesecake and gifts for my achievements.

You can tell my mum works with kids - so many stickers!

You can tell my mum works with kids – so many stickers!

Saturday after dinner was spent fake tanning for my upcoming cheerleading competition (oh how I have not missed fake tanning for competitions!)

Sunday morning breakfast was homemade oven-baked apple and cinnamon oats with Chobani plain yoghurt and some coconut syrup.

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast of champions

After applying multiple layers of makeup and sticking on some false eyelashes, I competed at the AASCF Winterfest competition with a new team.





I’ve had a super busy (and filling!) weekend celebrating my achievements of becoming a dietitian.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me get to where I am today. This includes all the dietitians who have been mentors to me and given me such great guidance over the last couple of years, my family and friends, school and university teachers, placement supervisors and many more amazing individuals and organisations.

I love putting pen to paper fingers to keys and expressing my passion for food, nutrition and life in general so thank you to anybody who reads my blog… even if it is just my mummy!

– Jenna


11 thoughts on “It’s official… I’m a dietitian!

  1. Congrats Jenna! And sounds like you had an excellent weekend to celebrate!

    Love that you do cheer! Fitness and nutrition certainly go hand in hand 🙂 I’d love to give it a try one day but I don’t think I’m flexible enough 😛


  2. Congratulations Jenna! I look forward to seeing how your blog progresses as you begin working as a “graduate health professional”. We certainly do need more fully qualified nutritionists and dietitians speaking up on the internet 🙂

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