Sunday sunshine and an egg rant

Today was a great day. Mostly because Mother Nature decided to treat Melbourne with fantastic weather. Only one day until Spring!

This morning started out with stunt training in the sunshine.

photo 2

After training and a tumble class I was famished. So a speed walk to Nutrition Bar saw me consuming a massive peanut butter acai bowl and a green smoothie in record time.

Nourished and full, I spent the remainder of my afternoon doing chores and some work to prepare for a busy few days.

7pm rolled around and I was exhausted. I needed a quick, nutritious dinner.

Dinner was a deliciously filling omelette (recipe by Apples Under My Bed).

Now all of my views on my blog are my own of course. But I’m sure if you ask any nutrition professional about eggs, they will all have a similar view. Do I discard the egg yolks? No. Omelettes should be yellow, not white. If I crack open an egg, I’ll eat the whole thing (excluding any shell that may accidentally fall in).

Did you know that a whole egg contains over 10 vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fats, antioxidants and a great amount of protein. While the egg white contains protein, it is in the yolk that so many of the nutrients are found.

Not to mention that whole eggs are ridiculously versatile. I often find myself cooking with eggs more than I do with meats. Whether it’s scrambled or poached for breakky, the base of my frittata recipe for weekday lunches, or an easy omelette on a lazy Sunday night – eggs are so versatile and oh-so-yummy.

Eat them whole please.

Egg rant over.

– Jenna


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