Sunny September on the peninsula

So far this month I have visited the Morning Peninsula a couple of times for work – and I can’t say I was complaining.

After each busy day of work I was rewarded with a lovely sunset by the water. I would head over to the sand (with food in my hand) and enjoy the feeling of the sand in my feet and the calmness in my head from staring at the suns reflection on the water.

Being by the water reminded me of many many summers spent on the peninsula, so many memories of growing up during my teenage years and spending day after day in the water.

  • A cafe I found in Rye that had smoothies and awesome breakfast food. I remember taking my mum here on her birthday one year soon after I discovered it. Maybe this was where my appreciation for breakfast food and brunch-style dining started.
  • That year I clocked the fastest jetski record of 101km on a flat and calm day… this record was soon re-broken by the reigning champion (my brother).
  • Our go-to Chinese restaurant in Dromana. Double Chicken & Corn Soup anyone?!
  • Evenings in watching the Australian Open.
  • Shopping day on Main St, Mornington. There was always at least 1 day where I spent my parents money and bought bags of Summer clothes.
  • Having school and gymnastics friends come for week-long visits. And being old enough to have friends over without the parents needing to stay too!
School friend Jess was a regular visitor

School friend Jess was a regular visitor

  • The ice cream shop in Dromana where they make fresh waffles cones in the window of the shop – the smell was always amazing!
  • Rye Carnival – the ride Break Dance. While it was always a struggle to find someone to sit on the ride with me because it clearly wasn’t motion sickness-friendly, every single time I went on the ride I would scream and laugh until I couldn’t breathe.
break dance

That time I dragged mum on with me!

  • Going 10 pin bowling with our family friends on an overcast or chilly Summer day.
  • Day trips to Sorrento. And night trips to Sorrento (Porstea Pub).
Sunny Sorrento in Summer of 2010

Sunny Sorrento in Summer of 2010

  • Receiving university offers in mid-January and having to decide which to accept!
  • Our gorgeous and smart maremma sheep dog Bella providing daily entertainment the Summer before she passed away.

sorrento bella dromana 2 - Copy

  • And my most special memory, Summer 2008-2009 when I first read the Twilight books. Every morning I would grab my towel, sunnies and my book, and I would walk over to the beach. I would spend so much time just lying there under the sun, wrapped up in the story and appreciating my favourite characters. While I read the first book of the series – Twilight – twice within a week, the second book New Moon was in re-print in Australia and no book stores had it in stock. So every morning I would borrow my mums car and drive from Safety Beach to Rosebud just so that I could check if Book Barn had received the freshly printed copies of New Moon. The first time I watched Twilight at the cinemas was actually at Rosebud Cinemas. And then finding out that there was a Twilight Street around the corner from our holiday house, but never having the guts to steal the street sign I so very wanted!

So many memories of so many Summers on the peninsula. So during my quick visits to the peninsula this past month I made sure to visit some places that brought back all the memories. And some new places too.

Dromana pier

Dromana pier


Broken waffle cones. Love.

Broken waffle cones. Love.

Cute cafe Dee's Kitchen. Middle Eastern style food and products for sale. Amazing cakes. Awesome atmosphere.

Cute cafe Dee’s Kitchen. Middle Eastern style food and products for sale. Amazing cakes.

Sticky date cake with butterscotch. English breakfast tea.

Sticky date cake with butterscotch. English breakfast tea. Perfect way to end a long day of work!

– Jenna


2 thoughts on “Sunny September on the peninsula

  1. Hi Jenna! I’m thinking of heading to Mornington for a day trip in celebration of my birthday in a couple of weeks. Is there anywhere in particular you would recommend? 🙂 Thank you for your post! It seems like you’ve had an amazing time growing up at the peninsula! I felt the same serene feelings when I visited during a road trip and for my clinical placement.

    • Hi Nina. Ain’t memories grand!
      Definitely recommend Dee’s Kitchen on Pier St in Dromana. Heaven for foodies. And also the ice cream place I mentioned – also in Dromana. Some great gourmet flavours.
      Enjoy your time there 🙂

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