Alive, exhausted and enjoying life

I’m still alive!

I’ve been extremely busy over the last two weeks and haven’t had time to blog about food, life and nutrition.

But that’s all about to change now.

What’s new in my world?

  • Unfortunately I’m coming down with a head cold. But nothing some homemade hot goodness in a mug can’t fix (freshly squeezed lemon juice, ginger, honey and boiling water).


  • I’ve watched the Dr Joanna McMillan TED talk a couple times too many. I am beyond inspired by this amazingly smart woman. If you have any spare time in your day, I encourage you to watch this fantastic 17 minute video where Joanna discusses nutrition, food and health by not only discussing the evidence-base and science out there, but by also looking at the social aspect of eating. A very well-balanced and well-delivered talk about the many aspects that can affect our health status.


  • I’ve moved house! I am still in an inner-Melbourne suburb, however now being south-side means I can enjoy walking Albert Park lake for some outdoor exercise and go to some fantastic brunch spots (new and old). Aside from the great surroundings, my home is awesome. My bedroom balcony is the home of my new mini herb garden and it is a quiet place I can enjoy reading a book while getting some fresh air.


  • I’ve been beyond busy working as a dietitian. Clinical work – check. Aged care – check. Food industry – check. Government work – check. Meal plan formulation – check. Sports nutrition – check. Performance review – check. I am exhausted, however I am ridiculously privileged to be soaking up the experience in such a variety of dietetics fields as a new graduate in the workforce.


  • The Summer menu at Carolina in Brunswick East is out. French Toast dish with sour cherry, chocolate and salted caramel custard was a win.

  • Holiday planning sessions have been occurring also. More updates to come soon!


  • Two laksas in one week. First from Laksa King in Flemington. Then a homemade kind (see my Lower-fat Laksa recipe)

  • And well as for yesterday … I had two breakfasts.
Breakfast 1 outside while sorting through some recipes

Breakfast 1 outside while sorting through some recipes

Breakfast 2 was breakfast for lunch. Lunch break with a colleague.

Breakfast 2 was breakfast for lunch. Lunch break with a colleague over some amazing dukkah-poached eggs with pumpkin, spinach and goats cheese.

So blogosphere, I am still alive. I’m just busy enjoying the craziness that is life.

– Jenna


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