My warm weather menu

The days are now longer, the weather warmer and there is a clear shift in the style of foods I am preparing these days.

Check out some new foods on my warm weather menu…


While the weather warms up, the season of hot porridge has sadly ended. Cafe’s around Melbourne are already taking porridge off their menu and replacing it with bircher and other Summer-friendly alternatives.

On the odd morning that I still feel like hot oats, porridge is on my personal breakfast menu. But mostly, I am making the switch to overnight oats – a refrigerated alternative.



Now I’m not sure if I am being ridiculously stubborn and just going out of my way to prove a point, but at the moment I am loving my pasta!

What point am I proving? Carbs and grains are good people! 

Read Felicity Curtain’s wrap up of the benefits of grains here.

So how have I been enjoying my pasta? This past month I have perfected my homemade basil pesto recipe and have been enjoying a chicken pesto pasta dish with a secret ingredient.

Chicken pesto pasta recipe will be on my blog in the recipes section soon.


Hooray, finally it is mango season! Unfortunately mangoes are still a little pricey at supermarkets and grocers, although some select farmer’s markets are selling boxes of mangoes for just $10! Mangoes will continue to get cheaper as they are coming into season, so enjoy the tropical taste in a range of ways.

I am loving my mango in the following ways:

  • Fresh mango slices with natural yoghurt
  • This simple chicken and mango salad recipe
  • Sliced mango on pancakes with shaved coconut and a drizzle of syrup
  • Homemade mango lassi (I am still perfecting my own recipe so watch this space!)
  • This lovely mango dressing that you can add to any salad or on top of grilled chicken breasts (I usually don’t include the balsamic vinegar though)


I think Summer is all about making the most of the sunny evenings. So whether I am catching up with friends for an active walk before the sun goes down, or a late night ice cream catch up, I am more frequently in need of a quick go-to dinner before heading out the door. My favourite is poached eggs with sauteed spinach leaves on toast. Breakfast for dinner is the best kind of dinner in my opinion.



  • 1/2 cup wholegrain rolled oats
  • 1 cup low-fat natural yoghurt
  • Fresh fruit to top (e.g. sliced apple, strawberries or mango)


  1. Mix into a bowl or jar the oats and half of the yoghurt. Store air-tight in fridge overnight.
  2. In morning when it’s time to eat, mix in the remainder of the yoghurt.
  3. Top with fresh fruit or sweet toppings.
  4. Enjoy!

Toppings can include:

  • Fresh strawberries and shaved coconut
  • Sliced apple and cinnamon
  • Sultanas and honey
  • Sliced banana and coconut sugar

What are your favourite food options now that the weather is warming up?

– Jenna


10 thoughts on “My warm weather menu

  1. Not going to lie, a little bit upset about the disappearing porridges!
    I feel like I didn’t get to try them all before the cold weather started departing. Oh well. next winter.

    I’ve discovered Frozen Mango, which is equally as dangerous as having sliced frozen banana to snack on in the fridge.

    Sarah x

  2. I too am mourning the disappearance of porridge as summer sets in. I will have to try your overnight oats recipes. I have tried making it with milk and I was a little underwhelmed. Yoghurt might just be the trick for me!

  3. Can I just say – love your mention of stubbornness about pasta! The mango on pancakes with coconut is sounding a lot like a breakfast this sunday! Xx

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