Night Noodle Markets in Melbourne

Well Good Food Month is in full swing!

Re-vamped St Ali North (now known as Green Park Dining) in Carlton North are hosting a dessert extravaganza every Wednesday night – get on it!

Taste of Melbourne has now been and gone.

There are breakfast specials all over Victoria to celebrate Good Food Month.

And my favourite of the festivities? The Night Noodle Markets.

Over at Birrarung Marr near Federation Square, the Night Noodle Markets are on every evening from 5pm on weeknights and 4pm on weekends until the end of November. There is a ridiculous amount of food and cuisines on offer – which makes deciding on what to eat extremely difficult.

Make sure you go there hungry people!

What did I enjoy?

Well luckily I went with a friend of mine who was very willing to share foods so that we could maximise our tastings, but minimise the caloric ingestion (AKA: eat lots without the weight gain).

The Brulee Cart

With four types of creme brulees on offer, we enjoyed the Dulce De Loco – a rich salted caramel creme with cardamom poached pear and caramel popcorn.


Roti Road

You can’t go wrong with satay chicken skewers, especially when shared with good company….


Ayam Chef

There will always be a special place in my heart for curry laksa. While my favourite laksa dishes are the vegetarian laksa from Laksa King in Flemington and the squid laksa from the markets in Darwin, this one one from the Night Noodle Markets rated pretty well also.

A Jenna with laksa is a very happy Jenna

A Jenna with laksa is a very happy Jenna 

After unsuccessfully attempting to finish the laksa, we enjoyed the atmosphere of the Night Noodle Markets. It was a great place to be on a warm Melbourne evening with plenty of entertainment around us!


Gelato Messina

Dessert was by far the highlight of the night. Amazing combinations to choose from made the decision making oh-so-difficult.

But I was happy with my choice of rambutan and coconut gelato with an Asian spiced cookie and other greatness. Finding the cinnamon scroll hiding underneath the ice cream was a very pleasant surprise to top off a fantastic night.

This ice cream was named “Phuc-Khing Tasty”… Don’t say that one too fast.

It was a lovely night filled with scrumptious food in the best city in the world.

– Jenna



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