Stars, bows and everything in-between

Well I’ve had some very busy and exciting times since my last blog post. Let me catch you up on all that’s new in the nutrition world as well as the life of Jenna.


The new Federal Government Health Star Rating system has finally launched!

This new system of rating food products out of 5 is a program that is very close to me as I have had the opportunity to study the system and work closely with it on a recent project.

The system rates food products from 1/2 a star (not the healthiest option) to 5 stars (pretty darn healthy) for the different packaged food products on the supermarket shelves.

Now before I go any further, I’ll let you all know that my beloved Chobani yoghurt has rated 5/5 stars. But we didn’t need the Health Star Rating system to tell us that!

While the rating system does not look at all micro-nutrients such as vitamins, it is still a great holistic way to rate a food product as it aims to looks at the overall nutritional profile of a food. The nutrients the system examines is energy (calories/kilojoules), sugar, saturated fat and sodium (salt). The system also looks at whether or not the product includes fruits, nuts, vegetables and legumes in it’s recipe. From here a rating out of 5 stars is produced.

Head over to the official Health Stars page for more info on the great new initiative or drop me an email if you have any questions. Also keep your eyes open in the supermarket isles as more and more products will be including the new Health Star Rating system on their product packaging.

You can't get much healthier than the 5-star rated Weet-Bix for a breakfast cereal

You can’t get much healthier than the 5-star rated Weet-Bix for breakfast



Last weekend I put my cheerleading bow in my overly teased hair for the final time this year and competed at the Australian All-Star Cheerleading Federation Nationals which were held on the Gold Coast.

My team competed a great routine.

We won our division and were also lucky enough to win Grand Champions!



  • Check out the latest blog post over at Scoop Nutrition where you’ll see exactly what all of us food-loving, healthy-living dietitians have on our wishlist for Christmas! (hint hint Santa).
  • A recent trip out to Wilson’s Promontory National Park saw me hiking through heavy rain and the strong sun (within a matter of hours). One day I even clocked up over 30,000 steps on my FitBit! Wilson’s Prom has sort of become a tradition every December and it’s safe to say it is one of my absolute favourite places in Australia. I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you enjoy nature, exercise and bumping into a wombat or two!
  • This morning I caught up with foodie friends Mardi, Sarah and Emma for some Sunday brunch and a much-needed mocha to get me through this terrible weather. Although I was the odd one out with my breakfast choice, it was a great morning spent talking food, fitness, life and the use of the word dongle.

Sardi Cafe - Church Street, Hawthorn

Sardi Cafe – Church Street, Hawthorn

Hoping the weather in Melbourne warms up soon. It is supposed to be Summer after all.

– Jenna


2 thoughts on “Stars, bows and everything in-between

  1. Great little catch up post, Congrats on the cheering success!!

    The Prom looks beautiful, A good reminder to head down there again..I don’t think I’ve been since Year 9.

    So lovely to see you yesterday…next time I think I have to order that French Toast! x

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