Cheering for nutrition for 2 years and counting

The purpose of this post is to wish my blog a happy 2nd birthday!


She has been a good friend to me the past 2 years – listening to all my ramblings related to food, health and life.

In a way she has been like a best friend as she heard all about my time living in Canberra completing my masters degree, my adventures around Australia while undertaking dietetic placements, and now of course she has my back while hearing all about my food and fitness adventures while also working as an Accredited Practising Dietitian.

Above all, she lets me bare my soul about my clear passion for good nutrition and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

The even better thing about her is that she holds on to all of my rambles. So why not check some of them out?

In my recipes section there is my wholemeal cinnamon and banana pancake recipe that’s always a hit for breakfast. Or why not try out my vegetarian pizza recipe I made for Meat Free Week back in 2013? But if you are keen for dessert, then a must-try is my quinoa chocolate crackles that made it into Women’s Fitness magazine in August 2013.

Aside from recipes I have also blogged about events that I have taken part in or attended over the past two years. During National Nutrition Week in October 2014, I cooked every meal for 7 days straight and I learned some really valuable lessons along the way. Then there’s also the Dietitians Association of Australia National Conference I attended in Brisbane last year.

But I think one of the most enjoyable events I attended last year was the Chobani Master Class with fellow food bloggers, Chobaniacs and great friends.

Then I tend to also blog about my fitness adventures – including my trip to Colorado/Utah (part 1 and part 2) that consisted of frequent hikes up mountains and treks in the desert.

Lastly I love to talk food trends. Whether that be expelling myths, promoting positive diet trends, reviewing new products on the market, or even just talking brunch in Melbourne!

So thanks to everyone who has been following my blog the past two years.

To those who have recently jumped online to check it out, well take a look around and contact me with any feedback or nutrition questions you might have!

– Jenna


6 thoughts on “Cheering for nutrition for 2 years and counting

  1. Congrats Jenna, so proud of you and how great too to have this blog to read and look back on when you get older.

    Also I was looking for a new pancake recipe too, thanks!

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