3 products I’m stocking this week

As a dietitian (and obvious lover of all things food), I regularly get asked what food products I keep in my pantry, fridge, freezer and even in my desk drawers at work!

So I thought I would make mention of three food products I am loving and stocking this week.

1. Goodness Superfoods cereal range

Goodness Superfoods have a great range of cereal products, including wholegrains, wraps, breakfast cereals and cereal bars.


I have always been a fan of the Digestive 1st breakfast cereal, however this week I am also keeping a stash of their wild berries & yoghurt cereal bars on my desk at work – for that 4pm hunger strike. Goodness Superfoods products contain the high fibre and low GI BARLEYmax as well as a whole heap of other nutritious ingredients in their products. They also make a line of bread wraps so if you are interested in making a healthy wrap for lunch or dinner, why not check out fellow dietitian Emily Orchard’s blog for some wrapping inspiration.

2. Danone Ultimate Greek Style Yoghurt – Burnt Fig & Salted Caramel

While my heart will always belong to Chobani yoghurt for their fantastic nutritional profile and great range of flavours, I can’t go past this amazing flavour combo of burnt fig and salted caramel. By now you should know that salted caramel (or caramel in general) is my all-time favourite flavour. So I really can’t recommend this yoghurt enough for a healthier dessert option, a mid-morning snack or just as an extra serve of calcium throughout the day.


3. Bonne Maman Caramel Spread

Now for my not-so-healthy product.

Salted caramel, caramel, dulce de leche, butterscotch, toffee, honeycomb. You get the gist. Always a winner in my eyes.

I have been trying to source this caramel spread for a little while now ever since a client told me about it and BINGO! it has been found.

While the traditional dulce de leche flavour is quite well-known to many south American countries, there are variations of the flavour all over the world. And well, the French do it pretty darn well.

I have always been keen to try out the different caramel or dulce de leche products out there – a favourite ice cream flavour is the dulce de leche flavour I recently tried at Patagonia Chocolates in New Zealand. I also loved a dulce de leche spread I found at an Italian grocer a few months back. But for a small jar, that set me back $10. Now that I have found the Bonne Maman spread with double the content for only $5, I am a much happier shopper.

Enjoy a small amount with vanilla ice cream, on a warm piece of fruit toast, or have it as I have been recently; on top of a hot piece of toast with a sliced banana.

What have you been stocking in your kitchen lately?

– Jenna


2 thoughts on “3 products I’m stocking this week

  1. Goodness Superfoods everything!!! Their oats and are pantry staples in our house. I took a box of the new bars skiing and enjoyed them as snacks on the ski lift rides.

    I also saw Chestnut Bonne Maman Spread next to the Caramel Spread in the supermarkets here in Europe and thought of you STRAIGHT away…sending love! xoxox

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