Golden finds in the goldfields region of Victoria

So my new job sees me being a rural clinical dietitian on weekdays in a gorgeous town within the goldfields region of Victoria. The food scene in this region is definitely one to boast about as it is growing and growing with many fresh food markets sourcing local produce, a great cafe scene with exceptional coffee and food, and the organic food movement being pretty popular with some of the locals here. While I have only just scratched the surface, I thought I would make a post about some of the golden food and exercise spots in the area.


In my down time I have managed to explore the area somewhat. Day 1 in my new location saw me whip out my selfie stick and to get a photo with the “Welcome to Castlemaine” street art at the local servo. But after an embarrassing encounter involving some bystanders, I resumed taking photos of food only!

The Governor’s Cafe

Located at the Old Castlemaine Gaol, The Governor’s Cafe has the best view in Castlemaine. On top of the hill with a great vibe, tasty food and good coffee, the outdoor seating is perfect for a sunny day. Note: 99% of my days so far in Castlemaine have been sunny. Winning.

The menu is very small with a few naughty options and a few nice options, all of which are very reasonably priced. Despite the small amount of menu options, there is something to please every food mood.

Castlemaine Botanical Gardens

The walking track loop through the gardens is only 1.8km long, but when going for a jog you want to go around again  and again because the walk itself is spectacular!



Cafe Maldon

This cafe in the small town of Maldon has a breakfast and lunch menu with many sweet and savoury options. But the thing that drew my attention was the window at the counter with the cakes, slices and pastries. The nutella cheesecake slice with a dollop of cream and a skinny cappuccino was the perfect indulgent snack.


The Green Grocer

This small shop in Maldon is home to lots of fresh produce and a plethora of organic, gluten free or alternative packaged products. But what I fell in love with was the dark emerald colour of the front door!

And the amazing fresh produce stacked in pretty wooden shelves, of course.

And one for the non-Foodies. Or those that appreciate gorgeous buildings. This region of central Victoria is filled with amazing old buildings that I love to eyeball. Below is the Maldon Hotel.

There are many more places on my list to check out – not only in Castlemaine and Maldon but in other towns of this region too. So keep an eye out for another goldfields appreciation post.

And please let me know your recommendations if you have any!

– Jenna


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