Four ways with figs

It’s fig season and I have access to fig trees full of those amazingly sweet balls of joy.

Did you know that a medium sized fresh fig (with the skin on) is only 25 calories and contains up to 2 grams of fibre? Considering that most Australians should aim to reach at least 25 grams of fibre each day, added to the fact that we can never stop at just one fig, I think this small little sweet fruit can definitely help us get closer to achieving our daily fibre needs.

Take a look at four of my favourite ways to enjoy figs this season…

As a snack with natural yoghurt

Perfect afternoon snack.


Coupled with ricotta cheese

A cheeky weekend snack should most definitely include a warm crepe, ricotta cheese, a sliced fresh fig, a squeeze of pure maple syrup, and an English Breakfast tea.


In a salad

My new favourite salad recipe (partly because I have a fruit bowl full of freshly picked figs and apples), is this beauty from SBS Food. Figs, apple, walnuts, goat’s cheese, lemon rind….

I tend to swap the dates for double the amount of figs though as they are easier to source.

Lastly, just eat them fresh and whole

I have gotten into the habit of just grabbing one from the fruit bowl when on the way out to do something. Easy, quick and super yum for a quick hit of energy!


So I highly recommend you give these four ways with figs a try.

Have I missed any? Comment below!

– Jenna


2 thoughts on “Four ways with figs

    • Thanks for the comment Sharon. Yes I am very lucky at the moment – I wonder if my parents are noticing the more frequent visits during fig season haha

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