What’s new in my life and my kitchen

So much has happened since I attended the Heart Health and Diabetes Update day. Here’s what is new in my life and my kitchen…


On April 1st I attended my graduation ceremony at Parliament House in Canberra for my masters degree (there was no April Fools joke involved when they handed me my certificate, thank gosh!).

In terms of my job, I have recently moved to a full time workload. So this means that instead of spreading out my brunch and foodie time in Melbourne over a 3 day weekend like I have been doing, I now have less time fit these food experiences into my diary. So my weekends are now spent cafe hopping from social catch up to social catchup with social planned exercise in between the food! Really I kill two birds with one stone – catch up with the important people in my life while I also nourish my body and expend a decent amount of energy exploring Melbourne. Win win. Easter weekend was also a win.

Castlemaine Market the morning of Easter Sunday

Castlemaine Market the morning of Easter Sunday


I have been busy in the kitchen making quite a few variations of this Moroccan fish fillets recipe with orange, mint and couscous salad (sans the date as mentioned in the recipe).

Tonight I baked Anzac biscuits with wholemeal flour and olive oil as an alternative to the usual white flour and butter. Then I decided to make another batch and had run out of both of those healthy alternatives. So the second batch contained white flour and butter (I apologise to half of the people who will eat my cookies!)

This past week I have been using asparagus in so many dishes (smelly urine alert!). Grilled in a pan as a side dish, roasted with olive oil and garlic, and also in that salad. It’s just so yum.

Lastly, in amongst being busy with work, enjoying my social life and turning into an asparagus, I am really enjoying MKR! And I can’t decide who I want to win!

– Jenna


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