Castlemaine brunch scene

Well my time in Castlemaine seems like it was so long ago. As I begin my 6th week in my new job back in Melbourne, I take some time to reminisce on the amazing brunch that is found in Castlemaine, Victoria.

The town in central Victoria has quite a few cafes with top quality breakfast menus, lovely coffee and good vibes. I think I managed to suss them all out in my short time there.

Here is a quick guide to some of my favourite cafe’s in this gorgeous town…

The Governor’s Cafe

When I first moved to Castlemaine, I posted about this great cafe on the hill with a gorgeous views of the quirky town that is Castlemaine.

The second time I visited it, instead of it being a hot sunny Summer day, I experienced the crisp Winter air while still seeing a lovely view of the town. Highly recommend this cafe if it is a clear and calm day!

Quinoa porridge with toasted coconut and stewed rhubarb

Cafe re-PUBLIC

Gorgeous place to hang out in the sun on a warm day. Warm inside for those cold days also. I cannot recommend this cafe enough! Every dish I have tasted has been presented wonderfully and tasted equally as great. And to top it off, the coffee is so good. (Although the cup used for a capp is too small of a serve in my opinion.. Call me picky).

The small space set aside for the cafe is part of the old Castlemaine Fire Brigade. It is decked out really well inside and as for the outside, the distressed white painted brick makes the building one of my favourites in Castlemaine.

The coffee window is open on weekdays from 7am with the kitchen ready to roll from 8am, so it is definitely possible (I speak from experience) to sneak in a morning coffee and quick breakky before work.

New menu item: Pancakes with stewed rhubarb

Pancakes with stewed rhubarb

Run Rabbit Run

Located in the heart of town, right next to the Theatre Royale, this cozy cafe has a killer coffee, breakfast and lunch menu! While their waffles with spiced apples are my favouriet sweet option, you just can’t go past their large serves of eggs and great sides! Their spiced latte made with amazing sweet spices is a lovely addition to any meal.

Run Rabbit Run might just have to be my favourite cafe in Castlemaine. I even bought one of their cute bags as a memento for the time spent in this great town.

Waffles wit....

Waffles with spiced apples and maple


Apple Annie’s Bakery & Cafe

I first truly fell in love with this place around Easter time – their fruit filled hot cross buns became a regular part of my Autumn days in Castlemaine. But I soon discovered their kitchen and cafe is as good as their baked goods.

If you’re after a bakery with sweet and savoury options coming out of your ears, look no further then Apple Annie’s! No photo will do their cakes and pastries justice.

Daily baked goods

Daily baked goods

Chocolate and caramel tart

Chocolate and caramel tart

Scrambled eggs with a side of wilted spinach and fresh rocket on Sprout grainy toast.

Scrambled eggs with a side of wilted spinach and fresh rocket on Sprout grainy toast.

Jess enjoying her coffee while also being my hand model. The secret life of a Speech Pathologist...

Jess enjoying her coffee while also being my hand model. The secret life of a Speech Pathologist…

Saffs Cafe

Picture this: It’s 7:30am on a frosty and foggy morning in Castlemaine. There’s a little boy playing a harmonica while waiting for his usual hot chocolate with a marshmallow.

That’s what I always think of when hearing the word “Saffs”.

Simple menu yet lots of variety in an absolutely gorgeous space (plus a cool outdoor seating strip out the front).


This guide to Castlemaine cafe’s only just scratches the surface of the brunch available within this small town! There are still many more places to mention such as Cured Cafe, Togs, and of course the must-try Bell’s Belles Vintage!

Be sure to check any or all of them out if you are venturing through central Victoria any time soon.

Thanks to all of the people (and cafes/restaurants) that made my time in Castlemaine one of the best experiences to date.

– Jenna


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