An update on my winter – talking travels, the Olympics and a broken hand

Spring is here! Although the winter weather is still lingering in Melbourne at the moment.

As I mentioned recently I was featured in MiINDFOOD magazine talking about lung health and nutrition. But other than that and the wintery dishes I have made in the kitchen that I updated you on in June I haven’t really posted about what I have been up to all winter.

In July I spent most of the month in North America. Some time on the west coast in the Pacific North West and the other portion of the trip on the east coast in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

A good chunk of the holiday included venturing around Twilight territory and completely nerding out when visiting the small town of Forks, Port Angeles and the amazing beaches that made up La Push. We then spent many days exploring the green, dense, and overgrown Hoh Rain Forest of Olympic National Park, and also hiked some of the most beautiful treelined mountains in both Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier National Park.  It was the start of the wildflower season – maybe a little too early into the Summer – but the flowers began to bloom and it was so gorgeous.

Words really can’t describe how much I enjoyed Washington state.

August was all about getting back into the swing of things and suffering through the last month of Melbourne Winter.

Luckily the Olympics got me through. I found myself up at 3am most nights for a good week and half watching the live stream of the women’s artistic gymnastics. As expected, the USA women dominated the team and individual events. But there were some pleasant surprises with individual medals from The Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland. And a very sassy floor routine from Rebecca Andrade of Brazil. Here is a video of her routine to her not exactly classical choice in gymnastics floor music –  Beyonce. Unfortunately yet to get footage on YouTube of her actual routine in Rio.

From gymnastics to cheerleading.

My cheerleading comeback was finally happening as I was preparing for my first competition back in almost 2 years. Well it was finally happening until I broke my hand mid-way through August when a stunt came down pretty hard in the final minutes of training. It has now been 6 weeks since I broke it and I am just out of a splint and slowly getting back into life with a weak right hand. Yes, I am right handed. 

So while I wait for my hand to heal completely, I keep busy with frequent visits to my favourite cafes around Melbourne and try their Spring inspired brunch specials.

See my blog post from last year about my Spring brunch essentials.

– Jenna


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