My name is Jenna Obeid. I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian, in my mid-twenties and living in the greatest city in the world – Melbourne, Australia. Some friends describe me as excitable, passionate, or lively. My other half sees me as “effervescent”.

I like to think I am self-driven and cheerful.

I’m currently working in a fast-paced job as a clinical dietitian within a busy metropolitan hospital. After hours, I consider myself quite the foodie.

I love to cook dinner most weeknights. When I go out for dinner I enjoy Asian cuisine like a vegetarian laksa, a rare beef pho, a yellow curry with coconut rice, or a ginger stirfry with a range of colourful vegetables. I also love to drink tea (black, white, green and herbal). But my heart lies with the first, and best, meal of the day… breakfast. On most weekends I go out to brunch to taste some of the greatest cafe-style dishes around Melbourne (and also to gram about it).


Aside from my foodie and nutrition interests, I am was a competitive cheerleader (currently taking a hiatus) and believe there is no greater sport in the world. It teaches you about fitness, friendship, teamwork, and most importantly it teaches you to smile no matter what the outcome. Back in 2011 and 2012, I represented Australia at the World Cheerleading Championships.

Above all else, I love to live an active and balanced lifestyle.


Whether it is a recipe of a new dish I have trialled, an update of my food and exercise adventures, or a post about a current topic of interest in the field of nutrition, I hope that Cheering for Nutrition will be a blog for everybody.

– Jenna

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is my own opinion. While my opinions are based on my dietetics education and the scientific evidence I have researched, the opinions raised on this blog should in no way be taken over individualised advice from an Accredited Practising Dietitian.


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  1. This blog looks great! I love finding other Australian cheerleaders who are blogging. Did you train with a squad while you were living in Canberra? Off to have a better look around!! 🙂

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